Manufacturing Processes

1. Modeling & Design

Our Design Team processes and develops the contracted models into exact measurements (size sets) and prepares Auto CAD schematics for ultimate precision & minimal material waste.

2. Cutting

The Cutting Department utilizes the full range of Fabric unrolling machines, cutting tables, fusing presses and an automated Vector CAD Cutting machine by Lectra.  

3. Sewing

Our Sewing Department consists of 3 separate production lines with interim control points along the lines to actively monitor flow of materials and work-in-progess. This allows us to apply ToC & Lean Six Sigma principles which enables a very agile production planning & scheduling.

4. Additional Treatment & Interim Quality Control

Depending on our client's technological requests regarding the manufacturing processes, the garments undergo washing/coloring etc. and are then subjected to an interim quality check.

5. Finishing & Ironing

Hand activities complete the manufacturing process and are passed on to our Ironing Department which utilizes steam Ironing tables, Presses & Mannequins.       

6. Final Quality Control & Packaging

The Garments undergo final Quality Check and are prepared according to our client's commercial requirements, ready for export.


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